Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Swartberg pass, South Africa

The spectacular Swartberg Pass runs through the Swartberg mountains, a mountain range that runs along the northern edge of the semi-arid area,Little Karoo in the Western Cape province of South Africa

Oudtshoorn in the Klein Karoo was my first stop I am on a few weeks holidays,back in Cape Town mid July, driving along the coast of South Africa, escaping the worst of the winter weather, I hope to go well past Durban

I will post updates of the stadium, from time to time which will be send to me by the person who is house sitting for me and also continue to post daily photos

So hang in there meanwhile come along to see what I saw


  1. Another fantastic shot--dont go SLR you are doing tremendous with the easy to carry and handle S3 and S5!

  2. Thanks ;) Well actually I do feel safer with my small camera then with a big expensive looking cam this one I can hide and then whip out of my bag when needed also like today when I go on a hike first in the bush then the beach its so much easier and lighter to carry