Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Umngazi on the Wild Coast photos.Third and last part

I spend the rest of the afternoon walking along the beach, which beauty was difficult to capture
Needless to say my jeans got totally soaked when I took this shot crouching down low in the water and a wave rolled in while I was looking through the viewfinder but I didn't care the day was warm and when I finally arrived back in the camp in late afternoon my jeans were dry again

Its been an amazing time staying in the Umngazi bungalows on the Wild coast was pure bliss, it was very easy to make temporary friends with other guests, everybody young and old,seems to have a fantastic time, that evening there was live music in the bar before we devoured a sea food buffet with Crayfish calamari prawns and loads of other delicacies,finished off with a dance and singing show by our Zulu staff it was fun ;)
These last photos were taken during the morning hike in the hills

I must say I felt so sore the next day, the climbing and walking in soft sand had taken its toll
you can see the accommodation clinging to the hillside, surrounded by sub tropical vegetation on the right of the photo

I hope I was able to show you what an heavenly place this is
Difficult to get to, bad roads and lots of cattle wandering on the road forces you to take them slow but so worth it !


  1. You've convinced me, it looks heavenly! And any bad road that ends up there looks like it's very worth it.

  2. Helen thanks for your comments you are my star follower :) even if you were the only one following my blog I would keep posting just for you :)

  3. Thanks, I really do enjoy looking at them and look forward to the next installment. :)