Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New 2010 Green Point Soccer stadium in Cape Town on a hazy day

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I a woke to a beautiful blue cloudless sky but with a thin layer of fog over the sea
I like this photo of today since IMO it captures the special light we had around sunset It turned out to be a hazy day but very warm

BTW At 17.30 I passed Kirstenbosch Gardens, my car's thermometer read 19 degrees and the sun was already behind the mountain 10 minutes later when I drove through town on my way home, it read 26 degrees A difference of 7 degrees !
If you are planning to come the Cape Town for the Worl Cup next year it will be winter so book your accomodation on the Atlantic Seaboard also known as Cape Towns "Reviera" it will be warmer and sunnier

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