Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My blog featured in Washington Post"Soccer Insider";Destination Cape Town

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This was minutes before midnight making up for lost time during the last strike and as I type this, again close to midnight, I can see they are still working on the same area,lights a blaze and flashing, cranes are moving, it looks hectic
The completion date is December 14 2009 and they claim to be on track
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I got a surprise after I came home today, I noticed a huge increase in my usual hits on my blog and found out that my blog is featured in the Washington Post "Soccer insider"
Check it out here : Destination: Cape Town
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Thanks Steven Goff I sincerely hope my viewers will not flood your blog now ;)


  1. Long time Soccer Insider reader and recent visitor to Cape Town. I love your city and hope to make it back for World Cup. The stadium looks great. I checked it out from the Harbour mall area while I was there.

  2. I love my city too :) I hope you can make it back for the WC its going to be a hell of a party here

  3. So pleased for you Joanne. About time that they found it too :)

  4. Thank you Helen it was my lucky star which brought him here :) Its created a fenomonal increase of traffic to my blog