Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Abseil Slide or Swing into the 100 m deep Oribi Gorge, a place of echoes

Jump or step off the top of Lehrs waterfall, the little edge in my photo, to swing into the depths of the gorge in a 100m arc (33 Stories) its the highest swing in the world

Or abseil into the gorge The first 45m is a cliff abseil and the remainder 65m is a free abseil or if thats all a bit much then just choose the slide you slide 120m long a steel cable 160m above the ground similar to what I did in Tsitsikamma
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There wasn't much water because its the dry season now
The Oribi area is beautiful, I visited the Lake Eland Game Reserve which is close by in the morning, saw and photographed many giraffes + other animals then had lunch in the ghastly "flintstone" Oribi Hotel and paid the obligatory
R 10 pp to use the trail for seeing the special sights of
1. The Overhanging Rock
2. The Chimney
3. Camel Rock
4. The Needle
5. Baboon’s Castle
6. Lehr’s Waterfall
7. The Heads
8. Lovers’ Leap

Then visited the Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve walked along the river
A pair of African Crowned Eagle have a nest virtually over the road in a tall tree on the left-hand side about 1.5 km down the gorge from the reserve camp turnoff. Park at the layby about 100 m further on and walk back up to the nest its Africa’s most powerful bird of prey.
And ofcourse walked the swing bridge over the gorge its amazing how many epople are frightened of heights and take the path around someone was even crying of fear in the middle of the bridge :)

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