Monday, July 6, 2009

Zimbali in KwaZulu Natal is pure bliss !

Once you walk through the foyer this is the view which greets you A friend recommended this piece of paradise, tucked away in the lush green sugar cane fields of the KwaZulu Natal North Coast,the plan was to go sightseeing but in the end I only left the estate once to go shopping in Durban its the perfect place to chill out
The view from the room couldn't have been better
The estate is so huge they ferry you around in golf cars but there are also walking trails, I walked from the room along the lake to the beach it took me hours since I had my camera with me and I just couldn't get enough of photographing the scenery and birds

Walking the trail was like being in a tropical jungle
unfortunately there are deadly snakes in the bushes, otherwise I would have gone off the path to sneak closer to the birds

This tree was constantly festooned with an array of birds it was so funny I saw a mother bird showing the baby how to fly , flapping her wings time after time, screaming and squeeking :) I watched for quite a while but the kid refused to move,I could't blame him, it was a very very high tree !

Zimbali is a 370 hectare (925 acre) tropical coastal residential and resort estate located on the North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa


  1. Zimbali (and of course CPT) are wonderful. I am often at Zimbali for work related stuff, but it truly is a slice of paradise. I don't often get to do the touristy stuff, but there is plenty there, and last time (April) I did take the very same walk you document. Fabulous, although it was pretty hot that day. It is better to go early in the day!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. By the way, I have spent way too much time looking back through your posts at the pictures. They are amazing, but I need to get back to work now!!! Seriously, great photography. Really great.

  3. I am ofcourse chuffed with your comments and compliments :) thanks allot and hey thats why they are here for (my photos) to waste time with and maybe dream away a little before you get back to the daily grind of earning your crust of bread :)

    I adored Zimbali and was really sad to leave I must say the location of the room couldnt have been better in full view of the lake as shown in the second photo I had booked on the recommendation of a friend and then checked my "Bible" tripadvisor and got seriously worried reading this
    but no worries I had no complaints about the food breakfast lunch or dinner