Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sunset over the pretty lagoon at the mouth of the Knysna River.

I woke to pouring rain in Knysna and even though it was supposed to be 23 degrees it really was fleece weather then to my dismay the sky stayed grey the whole day but at sundown, just as I was about to down a glass of delicious Chenin, the sky briefly cleared and coloured red, forcing me to grab my cam, ruining my moment of peace. :)
The above photo was the fabulous view from my hotel room

See this view on webcam here
I was at Cornuti's a super nice but very busy restaurant at lunch time, its on top of a hill over looking the limestone cliffs of the Heads which dramatically separates the tranquil lagoon from the pounding surf of the Indian Ocean and while waiting for my table I shot this tiny lighthouse, warning sailors of the dangers ahead
The Knysna lagoon at low tide on a rainy day


  1. I definitely prefer the second one and am looking forward to updated photos of the stadium when you get home. Wonder how far they've got with the construction now?

  2. Thanks Helen I deleted the other one
    I would have been home this evening if the roads hadnt been flooded Had to postpone traveling back (its 4 to 5 hrs drive from Knysna) its been mayhem in Capetown with the monsoon rains but I will be home tomorrow evening