Sunday, July 12, 2009

Knysna I am smitten ...I will return

No wonder its South Africa's favourite town ! It was my first time but by no means my last !

View of the beautiful lagoon of Knysna from "The Heads" suburb, the eastern Head where the lagoon joins the sea, with Leasure Island on the right the most upmarket suburb in Knysna with old homes and modern mansions

A close up of Leasure Island and the flowers of the Aloe
While Cape Town was flooded by monsoon rains today we had a summers day of 24 degrees in Knysna
If you’d wondered why both the Heads of the Knysna Lagoon aren’t covered with houses, it’s because the Western Head is a private nature reserve, called the Featherbed Nature Reserve

These caves are part of the Featherbed Reserve


  1. And there are all those wonderful South African colors again, the reds, blues and greens that I know so well from your pics taken in Cape Town. It looks like you've had a great holiday Joanne.
    I heard about the rain in CT, drive safely and I look forward to more CT pics again soon, although please unpack first :)

  2. He he I will probably just crash in my own lovely bed after a long soak in my own lovely bath(room)before I am able to post or photograph anything but that said, stranger things have happened, once I get excited (seeing the stadium after all this time gave me withdrawal symptoms)there is no stopping me :)