Thursday, July 16, 2009

The SW side of the Green Point Stadium as seen from my home on Signal Hill

Do click the photo to see it in its full glory
Sometimes I think I have a whole sequence of photos to choose from, only to discover that the horizon is wonky in all of them ! I know you can correct it but thats what I dont like to do I usually discard those shots
Today was such a day this was the best of the lot it usually happens when I zoom in as I did here
I always love the moment ...and its a very short moment when the sun sets the stadium on fire, just before sunset, its a very special light
I gave this shot an editing treatment to add some interest
Let me know if you like it or not


  1. OMG, I can even count the little men standing on the top! :) I get vertigo just looking at them on a photo.

  2. Joan, its GREAT! And for every day that pass by I´m closer to be in Cape Town!

  3. Helen the view must be so amazing I often see them just standing there staring at the sea or boats passing by

    Birger! Cape Town misses you and the rest of the gang sorely Thanks for dropping in !