Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Buffalo Bay beach ...what a magical place this is !

I can't count the times when I thought, how can I ever capture the beauty of this landscape in my photographs ? South Africa is stunningly beautiful You know those kind of places where when you look around you and it doesn't matter where you look, all you see is pure beauty ?
Those kind of places where you feel sheer happiness and joy just being there ?
Buffalo Bay Beach is such a place
I loved it, there were very few people and the colours of the beach,the rocks,the drama of the far away * Outiniqua Mountains in the mist, all added to the mistique and beaty I could have stayed on and on
I walked carefully toward the estuary as I didn't want to disturb the birds until the very last moment but a man and his dog walked on the opposite side along the beach and the dog broke away, ran to the birds scaring them
and all what was left, were their feathers lining the edge of the river
When finally the sun set, I walked back to the car, picking up a piece of driftwood from the beach which I will place at my own rock pools as a memory of this awesome place which is Buffalo Bay beach
You know what ? I loved Knysna so much I'm returning in September Its already booked !

*Outeniqua Mountains, Western Cape/South Africa are named after the people of a Khoi tribe whose name means ‘Men Bearing Honey’, the area being known for its bees.

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  1. So pleased you had a great holiday and thanks again for the photo updates. And you're right - the best thing is to book the next holiday straight away while it's fresh in your mind. Good plan Joanne! I hope it's as stunning, if not more so, in September.