Thursday, August 6, 2009

A winters Day and Night shot of the new 201 Green Point Stadium on August 6, 2009

The nightshot is hot from my camera todayAugust 6 and the day shot, a few hours earlier this afternoon.

I have a new camera since a few days but have not been able to use it much yet, I am getting more and more frustrated with the weather, its not bad weather, its a mixed batch but so hazy its a waste of time to go out for a shoot

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I can handle fog, in fact I rather see fog, I got some exciting shots with the fog, but this wishy washy defused grey light is impossible, so you will have to bear with me, I would love to go to Milnerton area and shoot from there Hopefully during this long weekend, keep your fingers crossed for me please !


  1. ...what's with the 'from joanne' watermark...???!!!

  2. There is a guy from Kuwait who comes every week to my blog to steal several photos and he loves those kind of scenic ones so I thought Isend him my regards
    He was here today and stole 6 pix again !

  3. best u watermark all ur work joanne

    congrats on the 450d ive had mine since december of 2008 n i'm still discovering new thins it can do.

    great pics as always

  4. Honestly ! Thats a co incidence ! Are you very happy with it ? when I get more lenses I hopefully start loving it as much as my Canon 5S IS Today is the first sunny Clear day since Aug 1