Saturday, August 8, 2009

Working on a huge Green Point Common waterfeature right behind the new 2010 Stadium in Cape Town

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These waterfeatures will be used as holding ponds for winter rainwater which drains from the Common land and collected off the inward-sloping stadium roof. When the need for water is great in the summer they will be a back up to the natural springwater which will be piped in from the Oranjezicht springs.

Work on the upgrading and reconfiguration of the Green Point Common into the Green Point Urban Park (sports precinct and public park) that will surround the 2010 FIFA World Cup stadium is well advanced

When the project is completed, March 2010, the common will accommodate several sporting codes and public recreation areas, including a new golf course, improved transport infrastructure and a 12,5-hectare Urban Park in the south-east corner.The entire park and the green open spaces are being re-landscaped at a total cost of about R310 million. This figure includes roadworks (R98 million) and stormwater drainage (R15 million). After 2010, an eco centre is proposed that would feature a biodiversity garden with information on Cape Town’s unique flora and fauna. Other possibilities being investigated are a tea garden, a trimpark and a skateboard park.

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