Monday, August 3, 2009

Camps Bay ...a 20 minutes drive from Green Point, Cape Town

Camps Bay close to Green Point is one of the most popular and most expensive suburbs in Cape Town. The reason is its stunning location at the foot of the majestic Twelve Apostles, a mountain range belonging to the Table Mountain range, and its proximity to the centre of town, via Kloof Nek road.

Kloof Nek road is the road I took from Green Point its slightly longer but quicker in timethen the winding coastal road but both are spectacular
If you look here Kloof Nek Road goes right between Table Mountain and Lions Head and down into Camps Bay The various Seaboard suburbs are described here
This photo (above) is in Camps bay and the photo below is from a spot between The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Camps bay If you want to stay in Camps Bay area during the 2010 World Cup just remember there is only one road in and out which means long queues at peak time and you could be stuck for a considerable long time

The mountain is Lions Head which you usually see from the other side on my blog, like here as seen from the Green Point Metropolitan Golf course

If I were to come to Cape Town for the 201o Soccer World Cup I would stay in Green Point.
Its so close to the Waterfront with all its shops, entertainment and restaurants bear in mind many roads will be closed off on the day the matches are played, so make sure you are not staying far from this area .
I would not stay in a hotel but in a 4 or 5 star guest house, I have stayed in 5 star ( The Table bay Hotel) and 4 star hotels The Radisson Blu Hotel and 2 weeks in a loft apartment in the Protea Hotel Victoria Junction all close to the Waterfront and I stayed in 4 star guest houses and the latter are by far the best deal and if you choose with care the guest houses can rival the 5 and 4 star hotels, in some cases even surpass them

Have a look on Trip Advisor rated by popularity and The official Cape Town Tourism website to satisfy all your needs


  1. Hotel recommendations duly noted for future trip to CT! :)

  2. well obviously ! :) When you plan to come here, give me a shout !