Thursday, May 28, 2009

View of Camps Bay

Camps Bay is a 15 minutes drive from Green Point with about 20 restaurants along the palm lined boulevard this is where the seriously wealthy people live I like it because it has a permanent holiday atmosphere and its a great place for people and car watching while enjoying a sundowner or dinner but I tend to avoid it in the summer because the cars are bumper to bumper and the beaches packed with bodies

"Blues" a rather famous restaurant which you can see in the middle of the below photo, used to be the place to go to in Cape Town for a special dinner, it has huge panoramic windows with views of the beach where you can hear and see waves crashing over big boulders and watch stunning sunsets I have been twice end enjoyed the setting but the food and the service is not what it used to be anymore I much prefer Tuscany Beach which is almost next door

I would like to brag a little and tell you that another photo essay
of mine was published today on the official Cape Town Tourism website

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