Friday, May 29, 2009

By March 2010 the Green Point Common will be the green lung of Cape Town

On the left side of the stadium you can see how they have progressed with the construction of the outside trusses on to which the PVC membrane will be attached

The new soccer stadium is not the only place that is being worked on,the land immediately surrounding the stadium is also being revamped at break neck speed to create a new golf course and sports fields like soccer, athletics, rugby, cricket, tennis and bowls. Even the beachfront and promenade will be upgraded

I have been watching the way they lay the new turf down on the golf course its very clever and quick In every roll of top layer turf which they took from the old golf course is a pipe A small tractor with 2 thongs in the front sticks them in the pipe on either side and lifts the big roll of turf then rolls it out while slowly driving forward Usually 3 men do this One on the tractor and 2 helping with the positioning of the roll of turf

The common will have various water points, catchment dams for storm water on the golf course and a catchment dam with water from Table Mountain.
The stream and the dam will be next to a footpath connecting the new stadium and the Mouille Point lighthouse. The water will be used for watering of the golf course, sports fields and the park.
I really enjoyed reading the history of the Green Point Common here

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