Thursday, August 20, 2009

Clear glass on the cantilever trusses of the 2010 Green Point Stadium

It was a few minutes before the six o'clock "end of the day" blaring of the siren, heralding the end of a day's work for the day shift This was a dreary sunset the sun didn't come out much but I wanted to show the progress they had made on installing the clear glass on the 16m wide inner tension ring which will incorporate the pitch lighting

Once the roof is finished the roof will be a ‘ring of fire’ similar as in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium in Germany.


  1. Joanne, thats not the tension ring, its just the cantilever trusses that give the roof a larger area. the tension ring is what hold up the primary trusses and what the inner roof fabric is attached to.

  2. Ah :( You are an ace :) thanks so much for the correction !