Thursday, August 20, 2009

Near midnight on August 19 2009 Construction work on the facade of the 2010 Green Point Stadium in Cape Town

The Green Point stadium has one primary façade system, which is a cable-suspended ETFE
membrane similar, to the lower skin of the roof structure.

The membrane forms a continuous, taut but flexible skin, clipped into a lightweight
aluminium frame. The frame is stiffened against the massive concrete structure of the stadium by means of round hollow steel sections. Vibrations occurring in the façade itself,
either from emitted noise or from wind vibrations imposed on the structure, are absorbed through the stiffening rods into the building’s massive structure.

Less than 15% of the bowl’s inside surface lets through sound waves directly to the outer walls of the building. In addition, only about 70% of the stadium façade is covered only by the vertical mesh membrane Some of the areas that are directly under the roof edge will have a more carefully detailed double façade skin application, which will perform better than the average outer façade


  1. great info. you are certainly becoming a stadium guru.

  2. Uhh.. I thought that had happened a while ago