Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The church and the stadium in Green Point, Cape town

Took this shot from the church premises
This was the first time I saw it up close

and I had to really wiggle myself into the right position to get this shot of the church
 and Stadium peeping out To my shame I did not really look what the church is called but seem to recall something like St Mary's Church

It proves quite hard to take photos in Green Point , the streets are so narrow


  1. Good shots!! Great blog!!


  2. I didn't realize I missed color so much in my environment until I saw these Joanne. Beautiful, a great change from the white, grey and brown we have...oh there is some dark green too I suppose. Roll on spring! :)

  3. It was the first thing which struck me when I came back from (grey/brown Cairo The colours here are amazing !
    :) your spring is still a while away Helen but it doesn't harm to be optimistic :)