Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rugby Festival in new 2010 Cape Town Stadium told in photos

Disappointingly I was not allowed to bring in my Canon 450D
No SLR's were allowed only compacts are permitted
so the photos in the stadium are all taken with my
Powershot SX20 IS

Long queues for drinks but there were some vendors outside
 where you could get a drink in minutes

You can see the blue roof of Table bay Hotel

Quite different from when I was on my own here
some months ago

I was so excited to be in the stadium
I took 224 photos :)

Its gorgeous
So sad I could not properly capture it with my SLR

The atmosphere was terrific
Happy smiles all around
and no problems or rowdiness anywhere I could see or hear
A seat with a view

This was a goal !!!

Stormers hooker Deon Fourie ensured his name would feature in the history books by scoring the first try ever in the new stadium after 3 minutes and 35 seconds of play.

Remember you can click any image to see it high res

Vodacom Stormers
Our boys.. the home team

It was pretty warm but partly clouded
 Table mountain was hidden in the clouds

At no time was Table Mountain out of the clouds
Such a pity..

Oh and this was a smoking area
There were several designated smoking areas around the stadium

Shame about the deep shadows cast on the pitch
even though the lights were on

A view to Signal Hill

Not all of the temporary seats are installed yet


Vodacom Stormers - Tries: Deon Fourie, Dylan des Fountain (2), Frikkie Welsh, Sireli Naqelevuki, Ricky Januarie, Bolla Conradie; Conversions: Willem de Waal, Lionel Cronje (2); Penalties: De Waal (2)

Boland: Try - Johan Peacock, Conversion: Dean Grant; Penalties: Dean Grant (2).

A peek into the "Sausage den"
I was very disappointed not to be able to buy a glass of wine
but happy to see they sold Magnum icecream !

Schalk Burger, left the field in the first half with what looked like a shoulder injury.

Centre Paul Bosch also left the field with what looked like a broken arm and he is not likely to feature in the Super 14.

Sorry I did not catch you smiling at me
You looked allot better when you smiled :)

I walked around during the whole match
No rest to sit down !

It was my pleasure guys :)))
I luvvvv your happy smiles
Drop me a line if you want a copy

Its a great stadium

This is the opening I can see from my home

The Stormers won 47-13 after leading 18-13 at halftime.

Its all over and going home

6.30 PM

There were 2 helicopters:
  An ambulance and  a police helicopter on stand by

The party in Hamiltons Rugby club is in full swing

Sitting there so pretty ...


  1. WOW Joanne! 224!!!!! It must have been so cool to be in there after seeing it from every possible angle imaginable from outside so I can imagine you were very camera happy.

    I must show these to a work colleague who was telling me all about the new stadium they've built for the world cup in Cape Town over lunch the other day ;-) Little did he know that I'd been following its progress from day one. Thanks Joanne. :))

  2. It was great Helen but no I was not "camera" happy Very unhappy with the kind of cam I was allowed but loved walking around and soaking up the atmosphere + checking out the stadium I walked all around inside and outside

    Wonder who that colleague is ???

  3. hey Joanne awesum pics as usual,

    any reason why no slr's was allowed? certainly they cannot have this rule during the world cup

  4. Hya :)long time no see

    Nope you are not allowed anything bigger then a pocket camera Believe me I tried and had to return home to change it for the point and shoot I did do my research beforehand and was totally peed off since it was not written or mentioned anywhere to my knowledge

    Also NO food or liquids/drinks is allowed to be brought in This was actually written on the website so I had lunch before hand

  5. thats a bummer, i am hoping this a stadium specific rule for now and when fifa takes over the stadium for the tournament this rule will be lifted.

    i know there was rules up here in gauteng last year in the confed cup about slr's. u couldnt take a lens bigger than 300mmm in with you, which is fairly reasonable.