Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hallelujah ! Prayers at the Cape Town Stadium

Around fifty thousand people attended a religious event at the Cape Town Stadium
 as part of a security test  at the stadium in preparation of the 2010 Soccer World

There was and is a hell of a wind blowing as you can see in these photos


  1. ...have a feeling that the soccer crowds are gonna prove to be just a tad different to this mob...."cape town for jesus", puleez, someone should point out that the city of ct has a somehwat wider congregation...

  2. Hold on.. we are going to get a last event test (testing to the hilt this time ) before the big party, it is on April 10 and at night and ...in theory... should be a full stadium with (cheap tickets R20/30 ) football fans !
    Future football stars from South Africa, Brazil, Ghana and Nigeria, will compete at Cape Town Stadium,another opportunity for various service providers to test their strategies.