Friday, March 26, 2010

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                                                                  Radisson Blu Hotel

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                       It was a hazy evening but I was hoping the sun would break through
                                                                         Unfortunately it didn't

    Table Bay Hotel (5 star) with the blue roof and the super yacht
 Rising Sun  moored
along the quayside in front 

You can just see the stern of the Rising Sun at the top of the photo
All the above photos are from yesterday

                              This afternoon I decided to go shopping for clothes in the Waterfront
                              but soon lost interest and wandered outside in search of Haagen Dasz ice cream
                             and did a double take when I saw the sky /sunset ! Ofcourse I whipped my camera
                             out of my bag in seconds but had no tripod with me
                                 I will get a gorilla pod for my SLR
                                 I have a small one already for my Point and Shoot very handy
                               when I am at a concert for example or traveling


Aww ...if only I had had my tripod with me :(

Rising Sun (yacht)

The yacht is the 6th largest in the world with a length of almost 138 meters (453 ft).
 It reportedly cost over US$290 million to build.

The bow
Everything looked like it was brand new !

Capetonians are pretty blase about these kind of "touristy" shots
but not me Guv :) There are things I can never get enough off and this is one of them  :)

Just FYI...The yacht has :

82 rooms on five stories with a total living area said to be in excess of 8,000 square  Onyx countertops Jacuzzi bathrooms A gymnasium/spa and sauna An extensive wine cellar A master bath/bedroom an indoor swimming pool  A private cinema with a giant plasma screen 3,300 m² of teak-layered deck space  A basketball court on the main deck (can be used as a helicopter pad if necessary)

I had no tripod and the light was fading fast + the bridge
 I stood on,was wobbling with people stomping by :)
so I am surprised it came out at all !

From the garage roof
I gate crashed a cocktail party but didnt steal any canapes :)

                                         The website Blogger is playing up
                                          I am battling with the alignment
                                          of my text and images
                                            So it looks messy now Grr !

Green Point Urban park
Yesterdays photo

Three Anchor Bay , which I can see from my bed remember :)

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  1. And to think this yacht belong to one person. Larry Ellison, owner of Oracle.