Thursday, March 25, 2010

Indus_collectibles stole my images of Cape Town Stadium Post cards; Euro 2 on Delcampe .net

I have found 2 of my images on this website  write "south africa" in the search box and you easily recognize them They have been stolen from me by Indus_collectibles
and cropped off my blog address
selling them as post cards from South Africa for 2 Euro per post card

this one :
Peter Mokaba Stadium, South Africa Venue Soccer Fussball Fifa Stadion worldcup 2
Seller: Indus_collectibles [100% (740x)] PK

stolen from here
and this one :

Green Point Stadium, South Africa Venue Soccer Fussball Fifa Stadion worldcup 20
Seller: Indus_collectibles [100% (740x)] PK
from here
and he sells this lot for 15 Euro

Allthough I had a good shoot this evening
and was pleased to show you my booty
I am a little upset
it feels the same as when people steal your money or break ito your house :(

UPDATE March 26

I got a reply from Delcampe to my report of the theft
 "We will close these sales and contact this member. However, to prevent such things from happening again, you could leave a mark on your images which makes it impossible for other people to use."

You must all agree :) that is great advice !
Jeez Never thought of that !


  1. Hello,

    Please report to our Delcampe Team through the "Report an item" button on the items

    S. Delcampe

  2. I wrote last night to "Peter" the contact person on the Delcampe website
    but have not received a reply as yet and there is no such thing as a "report button" I can see Pls be more specific

  3. What %$#@!^&% scum-bags, I don't blame you for feeling upset....

  4. Having the same prob with a guest house stealing my pics for their site!