Saturday, May 22, 2010

The £1million BBC World Cup Studio on roof Cape Town Hospital not nearly ready

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Former England captain Gary Lineker might have to take the stairs to present Match of the Day from the BBC's R11 million rooftop World Cup studio in Cape Town if contractors fail to sort out a major problem that has stalled the erection of a purpose-built lift.

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                Granger Bay Boulevard closed off . On the left see BBC studio with view to Table Mountain on the roof top of Somerset Hospital

It will have marvelous views on clear days but its often misty now
but I think I will be able to see my home on tv :)

BBC Sport's dedicated World Cup website – – will provide a one-stop shop for the live World Cup , covering every kick of the tournament in South Africa

And...Sky Sports follows BBC to Cape Town with World Cup studio

                          You can see someone inside the BBC studio at work on late saturday afternoon

The Daily Mail :
The pundits' paradise: BBC lavished £1m on a World Cup studio (pity it's 1,000 miles away from the action)


  1. oy.....and it's somerset hosp[ital incidentally not cape town hospital (i sopent a big chunk of my childhood at the somerset)

  2. Ofcourse I know its Somerset hospital as I wrote underneath the second pic but the capture would get too long if I mentioned the Somerset AND Cape Town but I suppose I could have written "On Roof hospital in Cape town not nearly ready :)