Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Urban Park Lights ! New Golf course opened today ! Its all happening in Green Point, Cape Town

We had a glorious sunny day after days of rain and fog
but the weather forecast for this week is good !

On Friday night they switched these green lights on
They are lighting up the path through the new Urban park

Sea fog makes the photo hazy Many days in autumn there is fog or mist hanging low over the
Green Point Common but click the photo its a big file You can see how much water there is lying on the grass from the rain of the last few days

You can see people playing golf on the green, it was the first day they played on the new Metropolitan
golf course There is a mixed competition tomorrow


There were even more men on the roof than the days before !

Seeing  the rusty colour of the grass lit up by the setting sun gives an autumn feel you do not really get in Green Point
I was getting cold once the sun was down and no wonder when I drove home at 7 pm I saw that it was 13 degrees on top of Signal Hill !

6 PM
Men  queuing up to go down the shaft after a hard days work


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