Monday, May 17, 2010

I hope you may see Green Point and the Stadium this beautiful at sunset and by night !

                        When you are in Cape Town, do drive up Signal Hill just before sunset , its a sight you will never forget !

 Three Anchor Bay
See all the new lights along the boulevard, now you can linger a little longer after sunset ...

Click on image
I have writtn "irt" in pink , that is the small IRT staion Its not ready yet and the other "IRT Station"
I marked in pink as well, that is the large IRT Station as far as I know it is ready

Here  the same photo with the lights on



  1. The Granger Bay station is not a World Cup station, works focussed on the Stadium Station at the circle.

    You need to zoom in on the BBC studio on top of Somerset Hospital and sell those images to UK publications!

  2. sorry I was going to reply to this yesterday but forgot
    What did you mean by the last sentence ? Pls drop me an eamil and explain ? Why would they be interested in those kind of images ?

  3. The BBC are building a studio on top of somerset hospital as can be seen in some of your images.

    Apparently its all hush hush with very few images, like 1 or 2, appearing in the media.

    I thought maybe if you zoomed in on the roof, we could see the studio, and maybe you could make kazillions of rands by selling those images to a publication!

    Apparently they behind schedule and the lift for the studio might not be ready.

  4. Ok I see if I can get it close up next time I am up somewhere high