Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cape Town Stadium , Stadium Media Center

The hospitality tents in the old stadium area
and the big tent park on the Common have electricity/lights now
and a "Stadium Media Center" sign was hung up today
(the lit tent bottom left )



  1. hopefully they have gennies as they are likely going to need them......

  2. I think this is how it works.

    The old stadium structure, with minor refurbishments houses the loos, a few media rooms, generators, and a reception area.

    The tents would be the general work space areas etc, which link to the old stadium.

    Or something like that.

    The old stadium parking lot is the media coach/shuttle parking area, and the road behind the stadium would the exclusive security check area for the media.

    From the media area they cross the temporary bridge directly into the stadium with more work areas, accreditation, 4 tv studios, media refreshment areas etc.

  3. Thanks Mo
    I had not seen these comments

    The Cosatu strike seems to have been held at bay