Friday, May 28, 2010

May 28 Latest update, Cape Town Stadium

                                                                                May 210
I had no time to get out of the car to take photos today its getting extremely difficult to park somewhere and take photos without walking considerable distances . So many roads are now blocked off to cars and pedestrians

I was at Mc Donald's (but not to eat :) ) and this is the only small pocket to get close to the stadium, everyday there are more barriers in place

The Green Point Park entrances now all have gates and all were locked up at 4 o clock this afternoon
I was at Virgin Active and even there are barriers in place

Fritz Sonnenberg Road is blocked off and so is the whole of Granger Bay Boulevard, there is now a blue bridge over the road , its not quite ready, which people have to use to walk from the stadium to the Waterfront

There is a studio being build on a hill near the Grand Cafe and there are more hospitality tents build at the Waterfront and also more around the stadium on the Granger Bay Boulevard side

I was hoping to capture the stadium in the mist after dark  like I did
a year ago Please pray for fog :) I would love to see the yellow light shine through

A STUNNING video here

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