Saturday, May 29, 2010

Slogan spotted inside Cape Town Stadium : “Ke Nako Celebrate Africa’s Humanity”.

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A cold night in Cape Town
and so there were not many people braving the cold at the top of Signal Hill

Cape Town city

I had not seen the slogan yet on image to see it  
(See arrow )

Ke Nako” means simply ‘it’s time’. And indeed Africa’s time has come to use the 2010 FIFA World Cup to change perceptions of Africa and reposition the continent in a positive light with South Africa as the theatre and Africa the stage.

Africa is a continent with a rich reservoir of resources, but the continent’s biggest asset by far is the warmth, friendliness, humility and humanity of its people. This was the inspiration for the Official Slogan of the 2010 FIFA World Cup :


The more than gorgeous Green Point Common and Stadium is beautifully lit up, with the deep blue Atlantic ocean and the lights of Milnerton and Bauuwberg to the east, its always a feast for the eyes to view this from Signal Hill


Sorry the stadium is blown out here


The new Green Point park not quite ready


A closer look BTW these are large photos

Difficult to get the lighting right
One day I will hopefully learn how to do that

12 days to go
An advertisement by Hyundai
This morning on my way to the "Bread and Wine" restaurant in the winelands I saw this giant vuvuzuela
and shot it from the car

Incidentally the food in Bread&Wine is superb
you need to book in advance though

This sight surprised me the first time I saw it in Cape Town , it reminded me of Cairo

After a delicious lunch in Bread & Wine on the way back we stopped off at Pappa Grappa
to sniff the Grappa and left with a bottle or 2 after 
devouring pancakes with ice cream and chocolate sauce as dessert

I saw snow on some mountain tops in the winelands
it was a beautiful clear day Its so beautiful there !
Please do yourself a favour and drive to Franschoek or Paarl for lunch
when you are here it is so worth it
but do book your restaurant !
and the best view of all ....Table Mountain !

The IRT stations are getting on but they will be a while before they are ready


Blogger is driving me crazy tonight
The photos keep jumping to off center :(


  1. Joanne, I'll send you a better photo of the slogan in the stadium (well I think it is from the stadium in PE).

    Some of the IRT stations are ready (and in use!) now. You can catch the IRT from the airport to Civic Centre, and on to the Stadium already. The buses are all accessible too. Although the stations are not 100% finished. Still much more signage to go in (hopefully including tactile maps!)

  2. Guy :) !
    Are you saying you are not impressed with my photo of the slogan ????

    Lol... I only noticed it when I was editing my photos and thought I should mention it (the slogan)