Monday, September 14, 2009

The mesh membrane on the 2010 Soccer World Cup Green Point Stadium isn't looking good

Click images to see large NW side of stadium
On 9/09/2009 the first strip of the PVC mesh membrane was installed,
 since then they have been working on it. Today 13/09/2009 I expected the strip to be stretched and properly attached, so I drove past this evening to take a closer look 
Well this is what it looks like now:
To my dismay its wrinkled !
So far I am not impressed although I am trying to be patient, you would think they would have sorted it by now but maybe its a design fault ? Whatever it is I guess its going to give someone somewhere allot of  headaches ...
I also have a few questions  ...
How easy will it be to keep it clean and how likely would it be that it tears ?
When you look at it here, I wonder if this is some sort of lining, maybe another fabric will be covering the outside ? I have no answers as yet and can't find anything on the web but time will tell...

Hightex is constructing the membrane facade for the new Green Point Stadium in Cape Town for the FIFA World Cup 2010

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