Sunday, September 13, 2009

A trip to Saldanha Bay and the beautiful Langebaan Lagoon

The road into the Postberg Nature Reserve
Today was the perfect day for a 1 hour drive away trip to the West Coast National Park Its where the Postberg Nature Reserve opens its gates in August and September so you can see the fields of wild Spring  flowers and I brought  a picnic along which I had on the beach of the Lagoon 
The Reserve is located within West Coast National Park, skirting the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by hills. In full bloom in August and September, this collection of wild plants and flowers is internationally renowned for its beauty.

Langebaan lagoon 
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The village Langebaan
Langebaan from the "Lookout" in the Postberg Reserve
Road into  the Postberg Reserve with  view to Saldanha Bay
This is where I had my picnic on the shore of the azure blue water of the Langebaan Lagoon

Wild Flowers in the Postberg Nature Reserve
Unfortunately the photos have the wrong sequence ..Blogger has updated the ;"editor" and now the photos are posted in a different order 


  1. I just had to comment on these gorgeous photos Joanne, from a late night hotel room in Cardiff, Wales. I shared these photos with someone slightly closer to you than me who just happened to be "on the line" as I was looking at your blog. The colors are great, the views are great ....what more can I say, I love them. When you release your photography book of Views of South Africa, can I get a signed copy? :-)

  2. Glad you are spreading my fame around Helen :) This spot has exeptional beauty and the colours of the lagoon are similar as to what you would see in the Caribbean I love it there, the draw back is that in summer it gets quite busy but out of season its fantastic Hey.. its time you start planning a holiday here so you can make your own photobook :)

  3. After I was told that the TM cable car is free on birthdays I thought it would be a good idea to plan a big special birthday trip in Jan 2011 when I have a big birthday coming up. I like to plan ahead :-)

  4. The free trip is true, but be aware that Januari in Cape Town and Western Cape is 1 of the busiest and the most expensive months in Cape Town and the Western Cape, restaurants, beaches, roads, sight seeing queues..., all are packed ! March even April would be so much better

  5. March most of the tourists have gone home AND you get the best weather

  6. March 2011 is way too far away, perhaps next March....will consult the bank account :-) You could recommend some good, not too expensive family hotels and guest houses in the area couldn't you? Will let you know....and I mean it :-)