Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I hope the Green Point Stadium will not look like a grey blob on the horizon

Two more cranes came down today
This was at 19.00 PM this evening
At 18.00 PM a little bit of blue sky after a grey cool day
I fervently hope and pray that this is not it.... that they are going to attach another PVC mesh on the outside of the frame because I think these grey sheets look like dirty washing, it will look awful
SLR Canon EOS 450D and EFS 17-85 mm lens (the only one I own)

  Took this at around 17.30 PM I drove past the stadium to see if they had sorted the wrinkles yet
but there is obviously a problem.. now there is a gap held together by ropes...
Unfortunately and upsettingly I knocked over my tripod with my Canon PS 5S IS, which was my baby, it could do everything except cook, unfortunately they dont sell it anymore and so I am now on the waiting list (Arrives beginning october in Cape Town)
Canon Powershot SX20 IS Super Zoom
it also has a good video
It is the closest to my broken only 1 year old Canon 5S IS
its cheaper to buy the SX20 camera for close ups then buying a new lens for my SLR Cam

BTW THE photoshop here in Cape Town is called  ORMS

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