Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sunset colours the mesh membrane of the World Cup Green Point Stadium, Cape Town, South Africa, but is it beautiful ?

Peek a boo ?
Its maybe early days to judge yet, but I am holding my breath ..
this is how it looks when the sunset "colours" the PVC cloth at 18,30 PM.Sept 16

Click Image to see large
Today during the day with little or no sun the fibre glass infused PTFE fabric mesh cloth has the exact colour of the walls of the old stadium's foundation: Grey

It seems to be  only the first strip which caused problems, the second strip looks tight and smooth 


  1. By it's very size and intrusive presence, it was always going to be impressive, it certainly in my opinion was never going to be beautiful, and even less so now considering just how much it increasingly detracts from the natural beauty of the environment...a missed opportunity

  2. I dont agree :) I thought the stadium to be beautiful until I saw the mesh membrane a few days ago, it really fills me with dread ...
    it looks so grey during the day :(