Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shots of 2010 Cape Town Stadium from the top road on the slope of Signal Hill

The red piece is used wherever they work on the roof I presume to protect the glass

Look at the facade here
Interesting....Isn't it ?

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I was standing at the top of these steps, as far as I know they call it "skyway" in Cape Town
when I looked down and away from my camera, I saw this guy coming up
It is one of those moments I dont hang around
but jump in my car


  1. Not very nice remarks at the end. He looks like a good old council worker.

  2. Nick I have no idea what a council worker is supposed to look like in CT.. I am a foreigner living in CT ...I just know that if I see a fellow coming up the steps and I am alone with a big expensive camera that I am off
    Better safe then sorry
    It is sad but true
    but had Cape Town been safe I would most

  3. likely end up ,in conversation with the guy
    I am like that... under normal circumstances.. I like people but here it is dangerous to like people it might cost you your life