Friday, November 13, 2009

The West side of 2010 Cape Town Stadium, Green point South Africa

You can see part of the old Green Point Stadium on the left

I edited this one in Picasa and the below one in Picnik
I think I prefer the colours in Picasa
yet I do like Picnik for the easy creative possibilities

I am sure someone will be able to explain why there is a Gap here
but it isn't gonna be me :)
I am just recording it

Please let us share in your knowledge if you can explain this ?


  1. Hey, my 1st time at your blog - it's really awesome!

    Just to let you know - that "gap" you asked about in the above pic is called an expansion joint, it allows for the movement in the roof due the the expansion of steel, up 15cm. There are 4 of them in total which means that in theory, the roof could move up to 60cm between day and night temps if the extemes are reached!! :P

  2. Mark Thank you for the compliments
    As for the movement of the roof yes I had read about that but I am talking about the facade structure they have taken away the horizontal bars for some reason

    Have another loom and you see what I mean and today they did the same to the other side of the facade structure They took away more bars Why I wonder ?

  3. Hahah, oh yes I see now, you were talking about the gap in the external facade and not the roof, ooppsss, interesting, I'm not actually sure but I can find out, will let you know. Possible for some repairs, reworks to the steel....who know....great blog by the way!!

  4. Mark Thanks would love you to find out !

    Today I saw a trailer with concrete slabs in front of that opening I assumed they were using those to build something inside the stadium