Sunday, November 8, 2009

World Cup Cape Town Stadium: Rain stops play

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It will be a while before they can work during the night again
the weather has been dreadful today horizontal rain and gale force wind
Weather forecast is bad... apart from a dry Tuesday... It is not good until next saturday !

I agree Anwha D. from Phileas Fogg Travel in Cape Town
 my EOS Canon 450 D is an amazing camera :)
Imagine ! I took the above shots from my home, high up Signal Hill !
Thank you so much for your compliments, glad my blog posts are the highlight of the day in your office :)

What it looked like today ....
I saw 1 man on the roof he was there just briefly checking things ..
for the rest of the day there was no activity on the Stadium itself, there was some movement on the ground though

White capped waves crashing on the shore, grey skies, rain, wind....not very inviting to go out for a shoot
but hopefully tomorrow

The "blue" hour

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