Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Somewhere, over the rainbow There's a land where they've the most beautiful Cape Town Stadium

After some sun I could see a rain storm coming in from the West
 it moved fast to the East, leaving a clearing in the sky and suddenly the most magnificent rainbow appeared which got better and better

Do click images to see large

An absolutely fantastic sight it was

Ok I hear you think... Nice Joanne but too many rainbow pictures ...
Well you are in luck I had too little time or you would have seen the rest as well
I got tons of them :)


  1. What is it they say....at the end of every rainbow lie's a pot of gold...or in this case a stadium!
    Train 07:09, weather +6c :)

  2. Hi Joanne, this is Chan, the reporter of Hong Kong magazine Weekend Weekly, as spoken to my editor Kot earlier, we have some follow-up, would you kindly check the e-mail, thanks.