Monday, May 3, 2010

Photo update on Green Point Urban Park, Cape Town on Sunday May 2


The actual Green Point Park, a 12,5 ha area within the Common, will be a public access space for recreation and social interaction within a peaceful, green context. Water from the historic artesian springs will be introduced into the park in ways that create gathering spaces where people can see, hear, touch and be educated about the water.

Channels and spillways will feed into low-lying ponds, which in turn will feed into a Biodiversity garden and a Wetlands garden. “There’s a strong focus on ecological awareness, sustainable practices and environmental interdependence. It’s all about learning to live lightly on the earth and there’s just no way we could’ve justified what we have created, if we’d been restricted to using only domestic water.

The Biodiversity show garden has stirred quite a lot of interest and has been chosen to host the opening of the International Organisation of Biodiversity on World Biodiversity Day, 22 May, 2010, which will coincide with the official opening of the Park.

 “Long ago, the winter rains would turn Green Point Common into a low-lying vlei, and an old photograph, taken around the 1900s, showed people actually yachting on the Common. Now, over a hundred years later, people will be able to come and sail model yachts on these spring water ponds. It’s lovely to know that somewhere, some old history has been restored, even if it’s in the smallest of ways.”

The public park will be open from sunrise to sunset every day of the year except when there is an event. No fee will be charged for the use of the public facility. It is envisaged that a fee will be charged for special events within the park.

SAIL Stadefrance (stadium operator) is the leaseholder of the stadium and Green Point Park

What kind of organised events will take place at the park
• The envisaged themes within the park could include an environmental park (bio-diversity garden, water-wheel, worm farms, wetland park, and water-wise garden); sustainable park (eco-centre and training facilities); learning park (training and skills transfer re: eco- centre and Green Futures training facility); play park (passive & recreational, disabled tot lot, and outdoor gymnasium); art park (exhibitions, specialist lectures and training); adventure park (cycling, outdoor climbing wall, and jungle gyms); events park (smaller outdoor concerts, farmers’ fresh produce market, crafts, dog shows, and flower shows); heritage park (Fort Wynyard, artifact exhibitions, etc).

This is the mini open-air amphitheater

The kiddies corner

Close to the entrance Drinking Water fountains
Come to think of it
they seem to be a little low

• Facilities envisaged could include a tea garden, Eco Café, biodiversity nursery, auditorium, events, bicycle hiring, and craft markets. These uses are strictly park-related and will be carefully managed and monitored using the Common

• Events could include the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour, Big Walk and Rugby Tens. Again, these will be carefully managed through the CMS.

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                                     No better place then having sundowners and dinner in Wafu
                                                             after a walk in the park


  1. Err...blame me for low drinking fountains!!! We chose a height that everyone can reach, so yes, taller people have to bend a bit further, but it allows easy access for children, wheelchair users, etc.

  2. You're kidding - "Biodiversity Day, 22 May, 2010....the official opening of the Park" - that's less than 3 weeks away....surely they should be working 24/7 at this stage, again it all seems remarkably and bizarrely deserted?

  3. True Guy ...and yes Ol I guess someone is wishful thinking

  4. My understanding too is that the Biodiversity garden will also take some time to be properly established, and it will actually take quite a period of time before it is 100% functional. So, I hope that people are not expecting a fully functioning garden for the World Cup!

    We have also been very lucky with the weather. The precinct and golf course does look lush and green. On the other stadium we have been involved with, in PE, they have experienced a really severe drought, and the surrounding grass and plants have suffered. Unfortunately it does not look anything close as good as the Greenpoint precinct.

    The tactile maps should be installed in the precinct, and I need to check those, but keep your eyes open for them, as they are quite unique, and I think they are very attractive, whilst being very functional...

  5. Of course no garden is made overnight, there is no way they will be even nearly ready before May 22, I have not shown you the stretches of just plain soil in the photos .. that said I seem to remember that it was never the plan to have it ready before the world cup I believe they changed their goal at a later state

    Personally I love the garden but I love it now
    Without people ! :)
    Later ..I fear it will be soo popular with not only the law but also the non law abiding citizens.. but definately.... its an asset to Green Point ..Its another thing to entertain and watch from here Living here is like watching a non stop documentary film !