Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This is what a rainy evening could look like during a World Cup Soccer match

Some one made a costly mistake again this evening
There is a Master switch for all the lights
All the lights were switched off by mistake for 3 minutes from 6.24 till 6.29 PM
as can be seen in the above photos

Unfortunately I can not find the article where I read this but it explained that the cost of such a mistake was phenomenal and it has happened already a few times before...
except that I was then not in the middle of shooting the stadium as I was now

Its been dreadful weather today in Green Point, horizontal rain 
mist and cold whenever it rains the tv signal disappears I do not know if this is peculiar to my home or if this is common in Cape Town Will not be good if you are watching the matches on tv when it rains

BTW do not bring any umbrellas longer then 40 cm to the fan park /stadium
they are not allowed in

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