Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sailing along the coast of Cape Town and our imposing new Stadium

Sipping champagne and having fun !

Someone on board sighed :
"What a sight... its beautiful... Pity about that giant ashtray ! :)

 I said:  Excuse me !!! :) It is beautiful !
You should see it at night !
and then allot of good natured bantering followed :)
we all had a laugh

But to be fair  I too think it has spoiled the natural beauty
of the coastline but you can't win them all
we have allot to thank that ashtray for 

These photos are supposed to look like the view through  a porthole OK ?


You can see the Tafelberg Road here which I walk along from time to time
and took quite a few photos of the stadium from

                                                               The Jolly Roger passing Sea Point


  1. An Ashtray??? Excuse me!! It is supposed to mimic an Abalone (or Perlemoen) shell...

    I do think that any man-made structure along such a naturally beautiful coastline is going to 'spoil' or detract from the natural beauty of Table Mountain / Signal Hill...but, in saying that it has to be the best and most striking human constructed building as viewed from the sea.

  2. I say amen to that :)
    I love it no matter what :)