Tuesday, October 27, 2009

See storm damage to several strips of ripped facade of new World Cup Green Point Stadium up close

Click Images to see large
The strip on the left is obviously damaged but I have reason to believe that the empty hole on the right also used to have a strip which is now gone The evidence is the piece still hanging on and ....

....here at the top you can see where it was attached Click image to see upclose it is where I put the X

To compare ..

As you can see the stadium is now heavily guarded but dressed in  my camouflage suit ( similar to Colonel Muammar Qaddafi ) and armed with my new Canon telephoto lens, he was easy to tackle.

  Yes dear reader/voyeur, I hope you realise I go to great length to bring you "uptodate" photo news, of our already much loved but battered new 2010 World Cup stadium in Cape Town 

I had actually already been up Signal Hill at 4.30 PM but the mist was closing in and it started to rain while I drove up, so I shot a couple for the hell of it, then went home and had an early dinner.

 I saw the sky clearing up again and decided to drive to the Stadium to check the damage of last night
  After I shot the above pix I drove up Signal Hill again :) but by the time I arrived it was dark

I just saw them now, raw from the camera and I think there will be some you will like
but  I will show those tomorrow, still need to edit them, for now I will try and get a decent night sleep tonight

It was weird weather today it kept changing
 You can actually see the damp misty air rising up

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