Monday, October 26, 2009

Storm force winds in Cape Town whip PVC strip of the new 2010 Green Point Stadium facade loose

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 The wind is absolutely insane today in Cape Town
 There are frightening strong and very noisy storm force wind gusts, one was so strong and loud it  made me look up from my laptop and then I noticed something flapping above the roof of the stadium, at first I thought they were waves  but then I realised it was a piece of the facade !

 I assume and hope that it was the half piece I posted here a few days ago
 This is obviously a setback they didn't count on and I also hope the "Fins" are not being damaged by the whiplashing strip of facade

The 2 above images were taken with my Canon Power Shot SX 20 IS Super zoom which is a point and shoot cam, notorious for grainy long exposure shots but great for zooming in good day light

the above and bottom images are with my Canon EOS 450D and my brand new zoom lens
so far I am very happy with it but it is
 too slow to "freeze" the whipping strip in low light, as it was here

7.30 PM
I was dying to try out my new zoom lens
 Canon EF 70 - 300 mm DO IS USM
but where to go with that wind blasting away ? I could see the Green Point Common and Stadium were shrouded in clouds of dust so I tried a few spots

They were working on the new strip of the facade here till about 2 PM
I guess the wind made it too dangerous to stay up there

4 PM The sitenow  looks deserted

See the dust being kicked up by the wind
the strip with my name on it was put up, this morning

I then drove around Fresnaye thinking there might not be much wind ,looking for a vantage point to shoot from. Fresnaye is just around the corner from my house and I found this spot over looking the beautiful Clifton beaches and Camps Bay in the distance
 but I wasn't able to stand there for long I was seriously afraid to be blown off the rocks
 The South Easterly created a nice string of clouds over Table Mountain and the Twelve Apostles Mountain Range

Oct 26
Last night at around 2 AM all hell broke loose in the skies over Cape Town I hadn't been able to sleep much anyway  with all the rackett going on outside but at 2 AM I leaped out of bed when there were explosive thunderclaps and the heavens opened pelting us with golfball size hail stones, I feared for my windows !
Got my camera out and took few shots of the roof

Just checked them, there was no sign of the torn Facade piece anymore ..
I assume it was finally ripped off completely

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