Thursday, October 29, 2009

This is what the Green Point Common and golf course looks like on October 28 2009

Shot from the West to the East side on a dull, mostly sunless day
The West side is where the "urban park" will be created

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Working on a huge water feature


Another big water feature in the making

and more water ..I wonder if they will attract mosquitos ...

The reason the grass on this fairway looks brown, is that they just scarified the grass to make it stronger , on the right of the image you can just see half of the heap of scarified grass .

But the "greens" are greening up nicely
They were sown with grass seeds then covered with plastic and now look already nice and green

Hamiltons Rugby club

and the edge of the old Green Point Stadium

and ...yesterday
the "bow" of theStadium and Table Mountain

and this evening
The stadium bow lights and Table mountain in the clouds

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