Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Night Images of the World Cup 2010 Green Point Stadium in Cape Town

Click images to see large
V&A Waterfront straight ahead and Port of Cape Town to the right
The far away shore is Milnerton and Blouberg

Sea Point with the Ritz Hotel (blue lights) and on the right a bit of the Green Point Common
the island in the distance is Robben island

click image to see high res
tonight the lights are on again
I have not touched the images they are RAW and not edited

Frankly I am mesmerised by the sight of the stadium with all the lights on
I can 't stop watching it
and they are still adjusting the lights see how the roof colour is allot mellower now

Half past 8..


  1. I love the first two Joanne. We have sunshine today for the first time since I can't remember when, although now it's dark again by 5. I wish we could have summer time all year round.

  2. Thanks Helen they looked better at first glance in RAW I still need to get to grips with this new cam ...
    sunshine..well there is none here now but that could change any time, we sometimes get 4 seasons in a day but in general the weather is very good here ,only this year it seems to be "confused" :) I would never live in a cold country by choice, I hate cold and wet weather, born in the tropics I need the sun to function and be happy Are you in Sweden again ?
    I lived in Norway the weather drove me nuts :)

  3. Hello Joanne,

    I am a travel editor from a Hong Kong Travel Magazine. We are now planning pre-World Cup Travel Feature stories, and would like interview you as you are devoted into the Green Point Stadium.
    For a more detail proposal and the background of our magazine, please send me an email (i didnt find yours, sorry) at

    Looking forward to your reply!
    Kot ( / )

  4. Hi Kot let me know what you have in mind exactly
    My email :