Friday, June 12, 2009

Cape Town Tourism launches dedicated 2010 Cape Town website

My Stadium images were used for the photo gallery and slide show on the new 2010 mini website

I know I am not the only Capetonian, who is hugely impressed with the speed this construction was stamped out of the ground and I am imensely proud to be able to show off this beautiful new Cape Town stadium to the rest of the world

The 2 photos here on the blog show the difference a year makes and so far the completion date is still on target: December 14
Around 2000 construction workers worked flat out and often during the night

I have been asked if I can hear the noise from the construction but thankfully I can't inside the house but if the wind comes from that side, I can hear a distant noise but only when I am outside which isn't bothering me

The video of last nights laser show illuminating the Green Point Stadium is here on my Youtube site
I know I am in need of a "How to make videos and editing tips"
Also the camera picks up the slightest noise, listening to the video I heard crickets chirping which I never noticed before !


  1. I LOVE THE CRICKETS! Don't edit them, the only time I get to hear crickets is when I'm on holiday away from Scandinavia. :-)
    Many congrats on the Cape Town Tourism slide show....a little birdie had already told me about it, great stuff!

  2. I do too.. the sound of crickets reminds me off the time I lived (3 month)in the jungle of Gabon it was deafening there, unlike here :) He he Thank you for the compliments Helen I hope to meet you here one day !

  3. I'm counting on it! I need someone to guide me in my search for the perfect CT sundowner :-)

  4. well you will not need go far for that its with me ;)