Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Aerial view from Table Mountain

You really need to click the image to get an idea of the view I had while walking on Table Mountain
On my left and behind me not shown here is Table Mountain
I am looking down on to the city bowl district of Cape Town, in summer this is where the South Eastern wind richochetes around and round, sometimes for days on end
The pointy peak is Lions Head, then the hill on the right is Signal Hill where I live but I live on the Atlantic side You can just see a strip of the sea, that side is also called the Atlantic Seaboard

I knew the photos would be lousy since I had the light against me and it was also very hazy so I am dying to go back soon but in the morning, when I will have the sun behind me

The Port of Cape Town

Cape Town is South Africa’s second busiest container port, after Durban and provides services to the emerging oil industry in West Africa in support, repair and maintenance facilities The deep sea fishing industry uses Cape Town too and numbers of Far Eastern fishing vessels are based at Cape Town for a large part of the year
Cruise ships like to stop by for obvious reasons

This is why there are so many different ships in my photos, I have full view of the entrance to the Port of Cape Town


  1. Love the view from Table Mountain. Intense colours.

  2. Heard last night that your trip to SA is off for the moment you must be so disappointed !

  3. I'm trying not to be, but yes I am disappointed. Hopefully there'll be another chance one day in the future.