Thursday, June 11, 2009

Official countdown to 2010 party on Green Point Common, Cape Town

On June 11 President Jacob Zuma,Helen Zille and Danny Jordaan + other dignitaries, visited the Green Point stadium and President Zuma officially kicked off the countdown to 2010 I just caught this helicopter trailing the "1 year to go 2010" flag, unfortunately th colours are dull because it was a hazy day
Last night there was a party in full swing and tonight as well with live music and a laser show illuminating the stadium It took them a while to get the colours from the laser show showing, they were just white until about 11 pm when they sorted the problem I took a video I haven't checked it yet If its good I will show you of course

Not everybody is happy though there is a strike threat for Green Point Stadium
Construction workers are demanding a 15% wage increase while Safcec is offering 7%.

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