Saturday, June 13, 2009

Start of top truss construction on the Green Point Stadium

On June 11 the first truss on the upper side of the stadium was installed Eventually the PVC membrane will be attached to these trusses It hadn't registered with me that this was a truss too, initially I thought it was a contraption to do with the laser show :)

After a few stunningly beautiful and really hot days we are back to winter weather, grey, dreary and wet a very wet weekend but on Teusday it will be sunny again and
20°C expected on thursday

This colourful dredger caught my attention, it is called Prins Der Nederlanden and while I am typing this its coming back into harbour ..I wonder why
Here is a cool website with the ship movements in and out of the Port of Cape Town

Just learned that there is a virus on Skyscrapercity
Darn !

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