Monday, June 8, 2009

View from the new Metropolitan golf course in Cape Town

A huge water feature in the making on the new Metropolitan golf course which is already teeming with birds You know once this golf course is ready in April 2010 I might even take up golf :) its really nice to walk around and the views are to die for

A close up view from the Metropolitan Golf Course of the Green Point Stadium trusses (white vertical and horizontal poles) where the PVC facade will be attached to

Green Point Stadium : A theatre of sport
The PTFE/glass membrane façade totaling some 30,000 square metres provides one of the significant architectural features of the stadium The façade completely wraps the whole perimeter of the stadium and is supported from some sixty vertical trusses with a series of horizontal fins within the individual membrane fields.

The light membrane is composed of expansive concave elements that form a cohesive flowing facade, which follows the stadium's undulating shape. The light-colored glass-fiber tissue emphasizes this effect, since its color creates a sense of depth and animation, and the translucent surface absorbs and reflects the effect of the existing daylight. At sunset, the stadium possesses a reddish glow, a blue one on a bright summer day and has a gray appearance on a stormy day in winter.

This is already absolutely true, when watching the stadium and roof during the day, in different kind of weather, the changing colours are amazing
View toward the Cape Town city bowl district and Devils Peak

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